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Product Questions:

What are Your Straps Made Of?

In a word, canvas.

It's hard wearing. It's comfortable. It's made of plants, and it ages like Clint Eastwood, getting more rugged and distinctive by the year.

I Dropped my Watch in a Massive Tub of Peanut Butter/Box of Fish Guts/Tray of Moist Kitty Litter. How Can I Clean It?

You mucky pup, you.

First, remove the straps, as per our guide:

How to Use Quick Change Straps

Then, wash the straps.

  • If you like doing things by hand, soak them in warm water with a bit of detergent and scrub gently
  • If you use the washing machine, we HIGHLY recommend putting the straps in a net bag, on a cold wash (below 30ºC / 86ºF) 

Next, wipe the case of the watch clean with a wet towel. Don't soak this part in warm water, or put in the washing machine. Please.

Finally, reunite the straps and case.

Can I Use Your Straps with Other Watches?

Yes, you absolutely can. 

Our straps are 20mm wide, and so make sure you check the 'lug width' of the watch in question. If it is also 20mm, you are good to go.

You can measure this yourself, or use an online resource like to find this measurement.

If your 'lug width' is too wide or too narrow, use our contact form or send an email to to see if we can make a special strap for you.

Do Your Watches Come With a Guarantee/Warranty?

Yep. They do. It's 1 year from the date of purchase, and covers most of the sensible things. Just don't go throwing your fancy new watch under a bus, or putting it in a blender anytime. 

Reach out using our contact form or send an email to if you have any issues!

Custom Order Questions:

I've Got an Awesome Idea for a Watch/Watch Strap. Can You Make It?

We're more than happy to talk about your crazy idea. Use our contact form or send an email to to see if we can make something special for you.

Order Questions:

How Long Will it Take for My Order to Arrive?

We ship 98% of our orders within five business days from the day your order is confirmed. This is the day you get your own awesome confirmation email from @chronocukoo fired fresh and steaming into your inbox. 

It's usually another week or two for shipping.

That's also barring any hold ups involving giant winter storms, hurricanes, kraken attacks, kitten infestations and alien abductions. If you feel your order is taking too long then contact us here.

Will I Need to Pay for Customs and Taxes?

In a word: Yep

Your government should salute you for keeping hospitals open, bridges running and schools funded.

It's Been a While, and I Haven't Received Anything. What Do I Do?

Take a deep breath. Have some ginger tea. Consider the infinite possibility of the universe. Then,

  1. Check your inbox for your Order Confirmation email
    -> Search for if your filing system is as bad as your luck
  2. Find your Order Number
  3. Reach out to us here with the details
  4. Prepare for an epic response, or some spectacular grovelling from Chrono Cuckoo
    -> We will get back to you within two business days to set things straight

Return and Refund Questions:

I'm Not Happy. Can I Get a Return or Refund?

We'll try be as helpful as we can about your problem! If you need to discuss returns and refunds contact us here.

My Product Was Sent to the Wrong Address. Can I Get a Refund?

Contact us here to chat more about your specific situation. We'll see what we can do to help.


Your Help Section is Useless. How Can I Berate You in Person?

Good question. Use the contact form here to speak to a real hooman being, or send an email to